“Financially caring for the least of these.”


“Financially caring for the least of these.”

Scholarships available include

Erskine College

Each year, the Dunlap Board gives Erskine College grant scholarships to students who have lost one or both of their parents. The mission of Erskine College is to equip students to flourish by providing an excellent liberal arts education in a Christ-centered environment where learning and biblical truth are integrated to develop the whole person.

In order to maintain the ministry to young men and women, which the William H. Dunlap Orphanage carried out from, 1905-1978, an undergraduate scholarship program has been established.

Students who have been deprived of one or both parents, either by death, desertion, or other conditions which prevents such students from having normal parental care.

Each applicant must complete an admission application to Erskine College, the William H. Dunlap Scholarship application, and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). These forms may be secured by contacting the addresses listed below.

The annual William H. Dunlap Scholarship shall be in the amount of up to $4,000 each as determined by the Scholarship and Financial Aid Committee. Renewal of the Dunlap Scholarship in succeeding years requires satisfactory academic progress toward a degree and the maintaining of the financial qualifications originally associated with the award.

Applicants must submit the Dunlap Scholarship application, the application for admission to Erskine College and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by April 1. Recipients will be selected by the Scholarship and Financial Aid Committee and will be notified in writing.

Director of Financial Aid
Erskine College
PO Box 338
Due West, SC 29639
Telephone: (864) 379-8832
Or visit our web site at:

Scholarships available also include

Jim Barker Scholarship

This is a fairly new scholarship, and was begun in memory of Jim Barker who served faithfully on the Dunlap Board from 2008 ”“ 2013. Jim Barker was a long time ARP Pastor as well as a graduate of Erskine College and Seminary. This scholarship will go to Erskine students who have lost one or both parents and exhibit leadership qualities.

As the Lord prompts

Consider Giving

The Dunlap Foundation provides two giving options for those whom the Lord prompts: giving to the Foundation as a whole, from which our various ministries are funded, and to the Adoption Assistance Fund. Please prayerfully consider giving to one or both of these funds!