2021 Grant Recipients

“Each year the board chooses several organizations to support financially. The organizations chosen for 2021 are listed below.”

2018 Grant Recipients

“Each year the board chooses several organizations to support financially. The organizations chosen for 2018 are listed below.”

Grant Information

Financial assistance is available to exempt organizations (as defined in the Internal Revenue Code) that provide comprehensive physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual care in a Christian environment for orphaned, fatherless, helpless or needy children. Funding for such projects shall not exceed five years and shall be on a declining basis.

The Board will consider any grant proposal subject to the following guidelines:

Proposals will be considered on an annual basis. To be considered, completed applications must be postmarked and received no later than February 15 at the Administrative office:

William H. Dunlap Orphanage, Inc.
Associate Reformed Presbyterian Center
918 S Pleasantburg Dr Ste 127
Greenville SC 29607-2424

Proposals must include a completed William H. Dunlap Application for Grant with the required attachments. Applicants need to view the following before completing the application:

The William H. Dunlap Board will determine the projects to receive support at its March meeting. The funds granted to the applicant will become available in April.

Our 2021

Grant Recipients

Calvary Home

Calvary Home provides help, hope, and home to abused and neglected children. Their vision is to build an exceptional community of nurturing homes for displaced children in the Upstate of South Carolina through their main campus and by licensing individual foster homes in Anderson County. They strive for every child to be nurtured in a welcoming, reliable, and Christ-centered home and be united with their family as a more physically, emotionally, and academically stable individual.

Reach the Children of Rwanda International

Reach the Children of Rwanda International (RCRI) is a Christian 501(c)3 non-profit humanitarian organization recognized by both the United States and Rwanda. With offices in Due West, South Carolina and Kigali, Rwanda, RCRI currently serves over 400 children between the ages of 4 and 21, along with their families. RCRI works in the three districts of Kigali City and in the Nyabihu District of the Western Province of Rwanda. RCRI believes that a solid education and a Christ-centered spiritual foundation are the keys to breaking the cycle of poverty and training children to be self-sufficient contributors to Rwandan society. This is accomplished by providing the means for education as well as addressing the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of each child and their family outside of the classroom. RCRI employs a holistic model”“assessing and ministering to the needs of the whole of a child”™s life and not just one aspect.

RCRI has begun construction and opened a school in Nyabihu District, in which upon completion all RCRI-supported children will live and study.

Visit Reach the Children of Rwanda International.

Hope for the Fatherless

Hope for the Fatherless is an organization that focuses on giving intensive love, care and high standard education and training opportunities to orphaned children, between the ages six to ten, and so desire to impart living hope in Christ. Additionally, they believe and hope to see the culture in Ethiopia transformed to care for the fatherless, the weak, and the vulnerable. This vision was primarily conceived after observing the living conditions of needy children who live in destitution or orphanages, and recognizing their learning abilities. It is believed that if today”™s children are well educated, trained and mentored in every aspect of their life, they will become a generation of tomorrow”™s great citizens.

As the Lord prompts

Consider Giving

The Dunlap Foundation provides two giving options for those whom the Lord prompts: giving to the Foundation as a whole, from which our various ministries are funded, and to the Adoption Assistance Fund. Please prayerfully consider giving to one or both of these funds!