The Adoption Assistance Fund

Adoption Assistance Fund

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The Adoption Assistance Process

Many families in the ARP who adopt children face the significant challenge of having the necessary finances available. The average domestic or foreign adoption expense is between $25,000 and $35,000. The cost alone is prohibitive for modest incomes of most pastoral staff. To help meet the financial need, a special Dunlap Adoption Assistance Fund was established. It assists ARP pastors, elders, and members in good standing who are in the process of adoption. No Synod funds are used to resource the Adoption Fund. Instead it relies solely on private donations.

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Financial Assistance

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You can fill out all four necessary forms using our online interface.

All forms below, including the Dunlap AAF Home Study Social Worker form, are required for processing. These forms are auto-submitted upon completion and a digital copy of each form will be sent to your email.

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Home Study Social Workers

Are you a social worker working with a Dunlap family?

Please have this form filled out and completed by your family’s social worker.

As the Lord prompts

Consider Giving

The Adoption Assistance Fund presented by Dunlap Orphanage cannot exist without gracious givers. Please pray and consider giving to this fund!