Adoption Assistance Fund Application

Adoption Assistance Fund Application

Adoption Assistance Fund Application

The Board of the Dunlap Adoption Assistance Fund is excited about your desire to adopt!

Funds may be awarded in good faith in advance of a home study with the understanding that ARPC pastors and their families often need these funds up-front to begin the process.

Families must have concrete estimates on their initial adoption costs and fees prior to their commitment. Initial costs for a home study are approximately $3000 and at least $5000 for International adoptions.

Complete the DAAF Grant Application Agreement to indicate your agreement to the terms, conditions, and requirements of your grant application.

Dunlap Adoption Assistance Fund Grant Application On submit, you will be redirected to the Adoption Assistance Fund page to complete any remaining forms. Required forms are:

Dunlap Adoption Grant Application, Adoption Cost Estimate Worksheet and Funding Plan, Dunlap Adoptive Family Bio Form, and the Dunlap AAF Home Study Letter.

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